Huawei Certified ICT Professional

Cloud Computing Fast Track

About the Course: Huawei Certified ICT Professional Cloud Computing - Fast Track

The HCIP Cloud Computing Fast Track training covers all concepts relating to, Cloud Desktop Solution Management v3, Cloud Operating System Management, and Cloud Resource Pool Management. An understanding of how a cloud operating system management infrastructure is constructed, configuration, management, and a modular understanding of OpenStack applications and principles is also clearly defined, Installing, Configuring and working on the Service Centre and Operation Centre consoles are achieved, as well as cloud service management, Manage One features, and Monitoring. Including Fusion Cloud desktop solution planning and design, installation and deployment, operation and maintenance technologies, best practices and workflows to understand the tools and strategies to Manage, Monitor and Manipulate Huawei’s Cloud Desktop Solution using Huawei’s Cloud Engine Platforms and Services utilising Huawei Cloud Engine Hardware and Software. Coupled with an understanding of how cloud resource pools are managed, different deployments of cloud strategies, integration of existing infrastructure, cloud data centre architecture, virtualisation theory, distributed storage, server virtualisation concepts, and operations.

Aims to train and certify senior engineers who are capable of operating and maintaining Fusion Compute virtualisation and Fusion Access desktop cloud

Audience Profile

  • Those who wish to obtain an HCIP-R&S certificate.
  • Those who have obtained the same level technical certificate in the industry, and hope to obtain Huawei certificate.


Course Objective

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Configure OSPF
  • Configure BGP
  • Configure Route Selection Tools
  • Configure IGMP, PIM-SM/DM
  • Describe the principle of VLAN
  • Configure VLAN, Mux VLAN and GVRP
  • Configure STP, RSTP and MSTP
  • Describe the basic principle of network security
  • Configure the functions and features of USG series firewall
  • Describe Huawei IP QoS end-to-end process
  • Configure end-to-end IP QoS
  • Build and configure simulation of enterprise network


Before attending this course, delegates must: 

  • Have an understanding of Huawei’s Cloud Computing Platform at HCIA level
  • Have an understanding of several server and client operating systems and knowledge of applications
  • Have an understanding of physical and virtual servers
  • Have an understanding of network infrastructure and network security
  • Have an understanding and knowledge base of storage strategies
  • Have a good working knowledge of virtualisation 

10 Days

Online/Instructor Led



  • Solution Overview
  • Cloud Computing Technologies and Evolution
  • Data centre Evolution
  • Virtualisation Solution
  • Data Protection and Disaster
  • Recovery Solution
  • Cloud Computing solution architecture
  • Huawei Cloud Computing solution
  • Huawei Cloud Data centre solution architecture
  • Huawei virtualisation technology
  • Fusion Compute architecture
  • Fusion Compute VM lifestyle management
  • Computing enhancement
  • Distributed resource scheduling
  • Vm snapshot
  • Vm peripheral
  • Fusion Storage solution introduction
  • Fusion Storage architecture
  • Fusion Storage deployment and configuration
  • Network virtualisation overview
  • Software defined network introduction
  • Desktop cloud solution overview
  • Desktop cloud solution specs and features overview
  • Desktop provision and management
  • Desktop template
  • Desktop provision
  • Desktop access
  • Desktop management
  • Huawei desktop cloud solution working principles
  • Huawei desktop cloud solution architecture
  • Huawei desktop cloud solution working principles
  • Planning the system architecture
  • Cluster and management component planning
  • Desktop cloud hardware and network planning
  • Storage system planning
  • Bandwidth calculating
  • IP planning
  • VLAN planning
  • IT infrastructure
  • Standard desktop planning case

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