SETA – Information Technology: 
Software Testing – NQF Level 5





  1. Fundamentals of Testing
  2. Testing throughout the Software Life Cycle
  3. Static Techniques
  4. Test Design Techniques
  5. Test Management
  6. Tool Support for Testing
  1. Demonstrate and apply an understanding of the principles of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).
  2. Evaluate requirements and requirement-based test design.
  3. Execute the testing process.
  4. Manage the testing process, execution and defect tracking.
  5. Conduct static testing.

Career Opportunities

Junior: Technical Test Analyst, Test Manager
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Student Testimonials

“I would say that from the questionable shallow knowledge in the ICT Sector, to innovative out of the box mind utilization, with innovative tutoring, mentoring and facilitation, Dynamic DNA has unlocked clear and ventilated problem solving skills through my journey with them.”

Maria Mokati

“Dynamic DNA has taught me to think “Out-Of-The-Box”.  I am now able to turn an idea into a viable solution for any specific industry or society and secondly I can maximise my full potential while allowing myself to continue to learn and develop.”

Bruce Nqobani Dlomo