We focus on the upskilling of learners and facilitate the placement of each student into a workplace environment within the Technology sector. Students receive guidance and support along the way, that together with self-motivation and hard work are key to the learner’s success.

All Dynamic DNA courses are mict SETA, Microsoft and Pearson accredited.


“Being chosen to study with Dynamic DNA as a learner in Systems Development Level 4 gives me an opportunity to explore the working environment in a manner that can contribute to both my personal and professional/career development. We also receive frequent mentorship from IT professionals during the programme, in order to facilitate our learning and remain focused and driven. I believe Dynamic DNA is the way to shape my future.”

Sefoka Zelda, Dynamic DNA Learner.

“My experience at Dynamic DNA has been one of the greatest that has polished my life and made a huge impact on me. Through the programme I have learned that imagination without an act or action will not take you anywhere, but imagination with action will indeed get you to a goal. The programme has also taught how to conduct myself in a working environment.”

Silindeile Mvithi, Dynamic DNA Learner.

“I have learned so much since starting on 1 December 2016. I never thought I would be able to do a lot using a computer. We did Computer Basics, which guided us to be familiar with a computer. We also did Web design, which I enjoyed. With Networking, I learned what a network is all about, for instance, the meaning and use of an IP Address. We also did practical work, so we could understand the theory of what we learned. Thank you for this learning period and I promise that I am still going to learn so much with this programme.”

Goodwill Modiri Maretela, Dynamic DNA Learner.

“One of the things I have learned at Dynamic DNA is commitment. You must always be committed to work you are given. Time management is also key. You must always be on time and submit your work on time. Good communication skills also play a role, because there are many different people with different attitudes and beliefs. I learned to respect each one. And it is a blessing to be here.”

Sophie Mambolo, Dynamic DNA Learner.

“My experience with Dynamic DNA has been a great one. It has helped me to understand the developing industry and what the work place is like. I enjoy learning something new every day and having someone available to answer any question. The company makes you feel welcome and gives you a purpose for the future. The greatest thing about Dynamic DNA is the way in which we all work together and try to understand the work that we’re doing. We all have our ups and downs, but as soon as we all start working as a team and helping each other, all our worries go away for the day. We face challenges together and we achieve together.”

Kristen Patience, Dynamic DNA Learner.

“It has been only a few months since I started, but I have learned a lot in a short period of time. I still feel blessed being part of Dynamic DNA programme. We have support from management, our facilitator and our mentors. We have all the resources we need to learn and we also getting experience in the work place.”

Nobuhle Nyembe, Dynamic DNA Learner.

“When I first came to Dynamic DNA I was nervous.  I didn’t know how to use a laptop, but I did everything in my power to make sure that I kept up. Being part of the Dynamic DNA group has taught me to work hard, even if it seems impossible sometimes. It has also given me a purpose to wake in the morning and strive for excellence. My experience has been both informative and educational. I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity.”

Bettie Nhlapo, Dynamic DNA Learner.

“I truly appreciate being one of the learners at Dynamic DNA. This has been a life changing experience for me. It has been full of learning and gaining workplace experience, and I believe there is still a lot I will learn in the months to come. The Dynamic DNA programme has given me the courage to chase my goals and dreams in the field of Information Technology and in life. Everyone at Dynamic DNA always inspire and motivate us to do our best academically and to reach for our goals in life, because nothing is impossible. It does not matter where you come from, it is what you put in that matters.”

Andile Ndlovu, Dynamic DNA Learner.

“When I first came here I was excited and nervous at the same time. Nervous because I was not sure what to look forward to and very excited because I had an opportunity of a life time. I wake up every day looking forward to learning something new and overcoming challenges. Even though at times it is not easy I keep on trying, with the help of my mentor.”

Shani Mkhawana, Dynamic DNA Learner.

“When I started the Learnership in software development at Dynamic DNA, we began at Dynamic Visual Technologies (DVT). We were introduced to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It began slowly because we were not used to the environment and we started to enjoy what we were doing. We got a chance to work in groups. Then we moved to 291 Surrey Place in Randburg, where the actual learning began. The facilitators and the mentors are always encouraging us to not only rely on them for information, but also to do our own research. If we don’t understand a concept, we are more than welcome to ask questions. This is a programme that will bring a lot of changes in the Information Technology world and the country.”

Tsheko Mampuru, Dynamic DNA Learner.

“This programme has taught me many things in a short period of time that will make us better employees and employers in the future. Punctuality, Respect and Professionalism are some of the things this programme has instilled in me. I am looking forward to experiencing and learning more.”

Sibusiso Ntombela, Dynamic DNA Learner.

“Seeing how well the previous learners are doing is a motivation to me to work harder each and every day. Our mentor works at a pace that I can keep up with. He come to everyone’s desk checking if we understand the work and how we are coping with it. He never leaves anyone behind. I’m grateful for this opportunity I am part of the lucky ones that won’t be part of the statistics of unemployed youth in South Africa.”

Zeeola Birds, Dynamic DNA Learner.

“My experience at Dynamic DNA has been very educational and informative. I have been exposed to both the theoretical and practical parts of the professional environment. I have also found that everyone here is always willing to assist when help is needed. Seeing so many friendly faces at Dynamic DNA makes it feel like home away from home. I hope that you continue to assist other learners and continue to grow.”

Ntokozo Nkosi, Dynamic DNA Learner.

“Being a learner at Dynamic DNA has benefited me as an aspiring programmer and personally as an individual.  I’ve also learnt how being in the workplace is so different than what we’re used to – our clothing, the way we communicate and how to address different people when representing ourselves and the company that has invested in us. Although I have had my challenges along the way, I know that it is safe to make our mistakes here, and learn from them, so that when we get to the corporate world we are well trained and we are also great people to have as colleagues and employees.”

Dineo Mahlasela, Dynamic DNA Learner.