Accredited Health and Safety Training

Dynamic DNA has developed a training platform to address concerns around safety.

There is Safety uncertainty in the ‘New Normal’. Health & Safety as well as Employee Wellness is a concern for many people and employers.Join us for byte-sized information session on COVID-19 Regulations from the convenience of any location.

Introduction to COVID 19 Regulations

  • Following and Implementing Health advisories
  • Understanding the symptoms of COVID-19
  • Understanding how COVID-19 is spread
  • Implement Strategies to minimise spread


  • Transparent and Co-ordinated Communication
  • Determining Worker Exposure – Questionnaires
  • Different Risk Levels – High to Low Risk Levels
  • Implementing Different Control Measures in the Workplace
    • Compulsory PPE
    • Employee hygiene practices – Hand washing and Sanitizing
    • Canteen // kitchen // common areas
    • Shop Floor Machinery and Equipment
    • Desks and Equipment – Zoning
    • Doors // inter-leading doors
    • Food and other deliveries
    • Garbage disposal
  • Team Rotation – Office and Working from Home

Receptionist as First line of Defense

  • Restriction of visitors and Inter Branch Visits
  • Questionnaires, Sanitizing and thermal Testing
  • Hygiene and contact reduction
  • Receiving of couriers, post and packages

Operational Protocols

  • Management and reduction of detected on-site cases
  • Awareness and reporting of suspected cases
    • Response Time
  • Secure Room for Quarantine
    • Response to suspected cases
    • Contact with confirmed cases
    • Contact logging
  • Human resource management of Suspected Employees and their Co-Workers
    • Counselling and Wellness
  • Business Impact Analysis and risk assessment
  • Performance monitoring – Attendance Management
  • Recovery – Recovery of processes and business functions after detection

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